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The HMF 1820-K Series – well suited for lifting in high positions with Fly-Jib and winch
HMF's latest generation of loader cranes in the 18 tm range has been developed and designed to solve many different lifting tasks. Advanced methods of calculation have been used when designing the crane's components and geometry, to ensure that the cranes offer a power-to-weight ratio amongst the best on the market.
HMF focuses heavily on crane safety and incorporates “safety first” in all loader functions. HMF is the only loader crane manufacturer to offer a totally integrated user-friendly safety system, which only interferes when absolutely necessary.
Flexible design
The HMF 1820-K Series is constructed as a strong and versatile working tool. The loader is available with up to 6 hydraulic extensions and 15° over-bending between the main boom and the jib, which provides high flexibility for demanding tasks in narrow places, e.g. through low gates and windows. The dual link arm system gives very precise and regular boom movements in the entire working area and is particularly well suited for long reaches and lifting in high positions with demanding equipment such as Fly-Jib and winch.
The 1820-K Series is equipped with a user-friendly speed control, which at the same time provides an increased lifting capacity. This system is activated when the load moment of the crane approaches its maximum capacity and therefore optimizes the operator's ability to finely adjust the movements of the crane. Stabilizer beams are available either with fixed stabilizer legs, manual swing-up legs to 60° or hydraulic swing-up stabilizer legs up to 180°. This flexibility makes all kinds of mounting on the vehicle possible.
Whether the requirement is vertical lifting in high positions or lifting at long reach, the HMF 1820-K Series is the right crane. As a part of a wide range of product enhancing optional extras for the HMF 1820-K Series, both winch and extra valves led in either hose guides or hose reels can be specified.