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HMF 6020-K – a new heavyweight from HMF
HMF has taken a step further into the market for big loader cranes and has developed a unique 58-tm crane. This series is a continued development of the well-known Odin loader and is therefore perfectly adapted to the demanding lifting tasks which big cranes are exposed to.
The crane series is characterized by its very high working speed both when setting up and using the crane. The high lifting capacity and long reach combined with its low tare weight make it a very flexible working tool.
Application of the most recent technology regarding control and safety makes it logical and simple to use allowing the operator to concentrate on the lifting task whilst not having to worry about safety.
This new heavyweight is available with two very strong Fly-Jibs, namely FJ1200 and FJ2000, where FJ2000 is within its range, the unrivalled largest in its market. The HMF 6020-K in combination with one of these Fly-Jibs opens many new options and possibilities!