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Morso Model EH Digital Mitring Machine
Morso Model EH Digital mitring machine with a two-hand release, is built with a digital screen. The two-hand release makes the machine absolutely safe as it is impossible to operate the machine and touch the knives at the same time.
With Morso EH Digital you achieve the clean, smooth cut as with all other Morso Machines. The Morso EH Digital has the same characteristics as the Morso EH, but all adjustments are built in the digital screen:
-adjustment of length of stroke (three different length),
-adjustment of cutting cycle with two cut for narrow mouldings,
-adjustment of cutting cycle with more cuts for wider mouldings,
-adjustment for hard or soft wood, automatic switch off of the machine after a certain time.
The Morso EH Digital is excellent for repetition works, as:
-it is as fast as a double mitre saw,
-the cutting waste drops into a waste chute,
-the working procedure creates no dust,
-the noise level is below 70dB,
-needs no compressor.
The Morso EH Digital is delivered with two-hand release operation, safety guard, sliding longitudinal stop, second stop, waste chute, extension table for the left side, measuring scale up to 1,500 mm, adjustable fence, adjustable and automatic rebate supports and clamping cylinders.
The Morso EH Digital is available with single phase or three phase motor, voltage to your requirements.