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The MatPro-i is a durable and proven mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility and value. The MatPro pneumatic mat cutter is a unique manual design that incorporates state-of-the-art features, increasing your range, minimizing set-up, improving productivity, and eliminating common problems. With the Mat Pro-i, the pneumatic clamping feature holds the matboard firmly in place and you no longer have to rotate your mat in order to cut your openings. The pneumatic cutting head provides precision and maximum control and smooth blade insertion eliminates hooking and increases accuracy.
Fast and simple installation This user-friendly machine is quickly and simply installed. Set-up is accomplished with basic tools and no more than an hour is required to be fully operational. You can be an expert in no time at all!
Machine Feautures An ergonomic grip handle reduces strain on production runs while providing maximum comfort. Use the two buttons located on the grip handle on the left side to lower the head and insert the blade. Adjust blade depth with knob on the cutting head for different mat board thickness and for V-grooves. No need to change blade magazine. Patented magnetic stops ensure smooth straight lines and provide instant offset for repetitive cuts, and allow quick and simple cutting of pre-assembled multi-layer mats. The new measuring scale system allows you to easily cut small to large openings and multi mat openings helping you to increase production. The MatPro end trimmer provides the ability to square and size matboard on one machine. This accessory will cut all matboard and foamboard materials up to an 8-ply thickness. Optional end trimmers are available for both the Mat Pro-i 120 and the Mat Pro-150. The optional oval/circle cutter attachment easily fits either the Mat Pro-i 120 or 150. A compact and portable mat cutting device, the oval/circle cutter is a convenient time saving addition to the Mat Pro-i product.