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F-T 3100 - cuts them all Glass, Hardboard, MDF, Mountboard, Gatorboard, Foamboard and Plastic up to 1600mm / 63” tall and to any width. Also cuts Aluminium up to 1.0mm with optional extra pillar post.
Unique to F-T 3100 are ‘Interchangeable Pillar Posts’ of which there are several:
Glass: Carries a Fletcher T/C or steel wheel for cuts on glass up to 6mm thick.
MDF / Hardboard: Razor sharp steel wheels cut the back and front of the board at the same time, giving a clean cut on hardboard and MDF up to 3mm thick.
Boards: Use a Fletcher utility blade or similar, to cut foamboard, mountboard and cardboard. Cuts up to 12mm thick.
Plastic: Scores plastic and acrylic sheets up to 6mm, for accurate breaking.
Aluminium: An extra cost accessory is a pillar post with wheels to cut sheet aluminium up to 1.0mm.
Features include:
• One-handed operation of head assembly. Interchangeable pillar posts lock with thumbwheel.
• Mounts to the wall, to save space.
• Glass and plastic are broken out with a onehanded operation.
• Replaceable hardboard and aluminium cutting wheels.
• Scales in inch and metric, with flip stop for accurate repeat cutting.
• To install, fix a sheet of 18mm plywood, 1220 x 2440mm, or similar, flat to the wall. Fix cutter to that through pre-drilled holes.