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The HMF loader crane Series 535-K in the 5 tm range
-The HMF 535-K is a loader crane with a hydraulic reach and lifting capacity second to none within this category.
-Equipped with manual extensions, the total reach is 11.1 metres with a lifting capacity of 270 kg. A simple and strong design with low tare weight, requiring minimum space on the chassis.
-Oil regeneration system in all extension cylinders, providing high working speeds on the movements of the jib extension system.
-A flexible lifting tool for hook application with the option of extra valves for rotator and clamshell bucket.
-Ideal for handling of building materials on trucks with a gross vehicle weight from 5.5 tonnes and over.
-Excellent close-in lifting capacities.
-Available as standard with HMF’s totally integrated user-friendly RCL Safety System, which only intervenes when absolutely necessary.
-The loader crane series is available with the following options: radio remote control, winch, transport alarm and temperature monitoring.