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The HMF 2210-K Series - great strength and low tare weight
Advanced methods of calculation have been used when designing the 2210 crane’s components and boom geometry, to ensure that the cranes offer a power-to-weight ratio amongst the best on the market.
The jib extension system is available with over-bending of 15° between the main boom and the jib which gives a working area of as much as 195°. This feature makes the crane a very flexible working tool, which is particularly suitable for operating through for instance narrow passages or under overhead power wires.
The crane has a single Power Plus link arm system, which provides high lifting capacity, even when the boom system is fully extended, and with its great strength and fast working speed, it is particularly suitable for grab work and loading and unloading at a low height far away from the vehicle.
The HMF 2210-K is designed in line with the company's objective of creating quality products that are sturdy and user-friendly and also available with an extensive range of peripheral options. This way the crane becomes a flexible working tool, which can be easily adapted for different purposes.
One of HMF's objectives is to supply the safest solutions on the market, which has resulted in the intelligent RCL 5300 Safety System. The system has been designed as a multi-solution that protects the crane against overloading, overturning etc. quite simply by stopping the movements of the crane before a critical situation occurs.