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The HMF 2620-K Series - sturdy, fast and flexible
The HMF 2620-K has a jib extension system with over-bending of 15° between the main boom and the jib which gives a working area of as much as 195°. This feature makes the crane a very flexible working tool, which is particularly suitable for operating through for instance narrow passages or under overhead power wires.
The HMF 2620-K has a dual Power Plus link arm system, which ensures an excellent lifting capacity and makes it possible both to lift a heavy load close to the column and also lift bulky items at long reach and in high positions. Add to this an extensive range of peripheral options such as winch or extra valves for Fly-Jib or grab, which gives the possibility of considerably extending the functionality of the crane.
The crane is supplied with a user-friendly HDL speed adaptation system, which gives the operator the possibility of thoroughly controlling the crane movements and at the same time the lifting capacity of the crane is increased.
The HMF 2620-K is designed in line with the company's objective of creating quality products that can easily extend or change their functionality. This way the crane becomes a flexible working tool, which can be easily adapted for different purposes. Stabilizer legs for the HMF 2620-K are available either as fixed, manual swing-up to 20° or hydraulic swing-up stabilizer legs up to 180°, and the unique combination possibilities fulfil the requirement of flexible solutions, which can easily be adapted for different purposes.
The HMF 2620-K is available with the intelligent RCL 5300 Safety System, which represents an overall solution protecting the crane against overloading, simply by stopping the movements of the crane before the max. permissible load moment has been exceeded.