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HMF 2243-Z The ultimate 22 tm grab crane
-HMF 2243-Z2 is a strong and sturdy grab crane with an amazing performance.
-HMF 2243-Z2 combines a very low height (less than 2.44 m in stowing position) with a very long reach (9.1 m), a flat mounting surface (0.14 m) in stowing position and transport in stowing position with rotator and grab.
-Combined with the Power Plus link arm system and a main boom, which can be raised to vertical position (90°), the HMF 2243-Z2 can handle 4.0 t at 5.2 m and 2.25 t at 9.0 m reach.
-Piping and hose routing are internal all over the crane. Extension cylinders, hoses and pipes are shielded within the jib extension system to obtain maximum protection.
-The crane is operated using a 6 function Scanreco radio remote control which is equipped with a single-circuit proportional control valve Danfoss PVG32, which makes it possible to work fast and intensively combined with a very precise operation. The crane can be fitted with a stand-up platform (option) which provides a better view of the working area. The stand-up platform is equipped with a bracket for the remote control box.
-HMF's environmentally friendly quality coating EQC (Environmentally friendly Quality Coating) ensures a particularly sturdy and durable surface, which allows the crane to retain a high re-sale value (EQC passes a salt spray test of 720 hours in accordance with EN/ISO 9227).