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Morso Model EH/EHT Noiseless Mitring Machine
Morso Model EH/EHT Noiseless is a fully automatic electric/hydraulic mitring machine with a two-hand release built on. This makes the machine absolutely safe to operate as it is impossible to start the machine and touch the knives at the same time.
With Morso EH Noiseless you achieve the clean smooth cut by automatically cutting of the work piece in two cuts, as long as both push buttons are activated at the same time. The cutting time varies from 1 second and up, depending on the thickness of the work piece.
Morso EH Noiseless has the motor and pump placed in a separate box. The motor and the pump is connected to the machine with a cable and a hydraulic hose with a standard length of 1 metre. The length can be increased as required so that the machine can be placed in one room and the motor and pump in another room.
This means that you can now cut picture mouldings without noise in e.g. a gallery or a shop.
The Morso EH Noiseless is excellent for repetition works, as it: