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TSP 6500 VNA Forklift Series
VNA Forklift
1000, 1250 and 1500 kg Capacity 13.5 m Maximum Lift Height
TSP 6500 VNA Forklift Series - Comfortable, Stable and Energy Efficient
Higher racking does not have to mean longer cycle times. The TSP 6500 VNA Forklift Series delivers the throughput needed for inventory flexibility at up to 13.5 metres. The powerful 48 Volt AC motors of the VNA forklift deliver higher performance in fast-paced very narrow aisle applications. Energy efficiency is assured with regenerative platform lowering, resulting in longer runtime per charge. With industry-unique features such as the MonoLift™ Mast, MoveControl™ Seat, Crown's braking systems, the best visibility available and controls that simplify tasks this VNA forklift series delivers high performance in challenging very narrow aisle applications.