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The 5700 Battery-Powered Walk Behind Scrubber
Industrial Grade ■ Heavy Duty
​Scrubbing with the 5700 increases productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It is easy to operate, and helps improve a facility’s image by providing consistent cleaning results.
The 5700 is an aggressive system that delivers excellent down pressure and pad RPM for consistent cleaning results to help reduce your cost to clean, improve facility image and provide a safe environment in an easy to use and maintain battery-powered walk behind scrubber.
Reduce Cost to Clean
Increase productivity with one-pass cleaning performance, even in the dirtiest environments, with fully adjustable down pressure up to 300 lbs. and brush speeds of up to 750 rpm.
Health & Safety
Increase safety and cleanliness with ec-H2O™ technology that uses no detergent, or FaST® Foam Scrubbing Technology that uses up to 90 percent less detergent than traditional scrubbers.
Enhance Facility Image
Ensure clean, streak-free floors with optimal water recovery that eliminates streaks and maximizes soil removal.
Easy Operation & Maintenance
Deliver consistent scrubbing results even in the harshest environments with this easy-to-operate and maintain scrubber that provides peak performance year after year due to its quality engineering.

CLEANING PATH : 28, 32 or 36 in | 710, 810 or 910 mm
SOLUTION | RECOVERY TANK : 30 gal / 114 L | 40 gal / 151 L