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The T16 Battery Rider Scrubber
Clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water with ec-H2O™.
High-performance rider-scrubber with superior results & increased ease of operation.
Reduce Cost to Clean
Extend component life and reduce maintenance costs with the AC brushless propelling motor.
Prevent costly squeegee damage and protect your facility with the innovative break-away squeegee.
Health & Safety
Help maintain a safe environment, reduce chemical usage, chemical handling / storage, and risk of slip and fall injuries with NFSI-certified ec-H2O™ technology.
Enhance Facility Image
Maintain a high standard of consistently clean floors in your facility with options like the on-board wand, scrubbing side brush & pre-sweep that extends cleaning to hard-to-reach areas.
Easy Operation & Maintenance Maximize uptime with easy to use operator controls and yellow touch points that provide quick identification to maintenance locations.

CLEANING PATH : 36 in | 910 mm / 45 in | 1.145 mm with side brush
SOLUTION | RECOVERY TANK : 50 gal / 190 L | 60 gal / 225 L