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The B10 Rider Burnisher
​Quality Performance with more Standard Features
The NEW B10 can burnish large and small areas quickly and easily
Simplify machine operation and maintenance Automated head-lift & easy battery access allows for simple serviceability.
Customize Your Clean With 3 speeds and 3 down pressure settings, you can use one machine for many applications and environments.
Engineered for Power and Performance Accommodates small and large areas quickly and easily with over 20% more horsepower than the leading competitor.
Improve Indoor Environmental Quality Active 4-stage HEPA filtration dust control system increases indoor environmental quality.
Improve Operator Comfort and Productivity
Ergonomically designed to make burnishing comfortable & can cover large areas quickly.

CLEANING PATH : 24 in | 610 mm / 27 in | 686 mm
PAD SPEED : 1.500 -2000 RPM