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The 1610 Dual Technology Extractor
Interim Cleaning ■ Deep Extraction
​Cleaning carpets with the 1610 improves productivity, and provides health and safety benefits. It quickly improves your facility’s image by keeping carpets looking cleaner, longer.
Providing a complete cleaning system for large carpeted spaces with ReadySpace® Rapid-drying Carpet Cleaning Technology helps you save money by delivering both interim and restorative carpet cleaning in one machine.
Reduce Cost to Clean Simplify training and reduce rework with intuitive, easy-to-understand controls.
Health & Safety Enhance health and safety in your facility by minimizing odors and molds with Tennant’s patented ReadySpace® technology.
Enhance Facility Image Dual counter-rotating heads maximize cleaning performance so facilities always look their best.
Easy Operation & Maintenance Deliver consistent cleaning results with this easy-to-operate and maintain carpet extractor which runs at peak performance year after year due to its quality engineering.

CLEANING PATH : 22 in | 560 mm
SOLUTION | RECOVERY TANK : 21 gal | 79 L / 21 gal | 79 L
WATER LIFT : 120 in / 3.050 mm