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Orbio® os3 — Small, Simple, Affordable

Early adopters of On-site Generation (OSG) asked Orbio Technologies for a smaller, more affordable device that generates both cleaning and disinfecting solutions. We listened. Now we’re getting ready to deliver. Our new os3 system fits perfectly in most janitorial closets and provides simple, safe access to the cleaning solutions your teams need.
Next Generation OSG
Orbio Technologies introduces the Orbio® os3 system — the next generation of OSG technology. Especially well suited for educational institutions, healthcare providers and building service contractors, the os3 system is the future of cleaning.
Cleaning and Disinfecting
Instead of generating just a cleaning solution on site, the os3 system has two outputs:
■MultiSurface Cleaner
■MultiMicro™ 200
Flexible & Easy
Mounted on the wall or floor, our flexible design can fit into even the most congested cleaning closets. The unique and simple design features allow os3 solutions to also be easily and affordably dispensed in remote locations. The compact os3 system is also intuitive to operate and easy to use and install.​​