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Orbio® Split Stream technology is changing the world of cleaning.

With 5000-Sc solution you can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals in many applications. The benefits are extraordinary:
Simplify Your Process Replace multiple products with just one solution. Orbio Split Stream technology will work with most existing cleaning equipment and materials.
Reduce Your Impact on the Environment Orbio Split Stream technology supports your sustainability initiatives. By decreasing the need for conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals, it helps reduce your environmental footprint.
Promote Health and Safety Get cleaning results equal to or better than conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals in most applications, without the potential health and safety hazards. Certified to improve floor traction by NFSI, a not for profit group that focuses on reducing slip-and-fall accidents.
Clean Everywhere Solution created by Orbio Split Stream technology matches or exceeds the performance of most conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals, in both spray-and-wipe and machine applications. Control Your Costs Reduce the need for buying, transporting, and disposing of conventional daily-use cleaning chemicals and packaging.