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Cleans your environment quietly and easily with Tennant’s T3 and T3+ scrubbers:
■ Find the size that’s right for your facility with three cleaning path sizes:17 in / 43 cm, 20 in / 50 cm, and 24 in / 60 cm
■ Experience cordless freedom in an affordable, walk behind floor scrubber
■ Scrub in noise sensitive environments at 69 dBA sound level
Key machine features of the T3 and T3+ walk behind scrubbers:
■ Parabolic, no hassle squeegee system with optimum blade angle for maximum solution recovery during scrubbing
■ Clear sight lines and simple controls keep operators focused solely on their cleaning environment
■ Hygenic® solution and recovery tanks are easy to clean, which can reduce mold, bacteria, and odor
Upgrade to the T3+ walk behind scrubber for special features:
■ Extra wide 24 in/ 60 cm scrubbing path to shorten cleaning time ■ On-board squeegee storage makes transporting or storing the T3+ easy

CLEANING PATH : 17, 20 or 24 in | 430, 510 or 600 mm
SOLUTION | RECOVERY TANK : 10.5 gal / 40 L | 15 gal / 57 L