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The HMF 270-K Series is a compact knuckle boom loader crane with an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The construction of the crane provides the crane with a great manoeuvrability in combination with a long reach and a high lifting capacity. These characteristics make the 270 Series the best solution for demanding users.
It has a hydraulic reach of no less than 6.9 m, with a lifting capacity of 325 kg. The crane can handle loads up to 775 kg.
For tasks where a longer reach is required, the 270-T Series can be equipped with manual extensions with a reach of up to 8.2 m.
The 270-K2 model can be equipped with two hydraulic extra valves with hoses led to the end of the extensions.
When the crane is stowed during transport it can be folded up to a width of only 1.7 m, making it possible to mount the crane on small vehicles.
In addition to hydraulic control valves, the crane can be equipped with a completely extended radio remote control system with the same functions as the large range cranes.