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The HMF 3000-K Series – a strong loader in the 30-tm range with up to 8 hydraulic extensions
-The HMF 3000 Series is developed for users who need a high capacity with long reach.
-The 3000-K is equipped as standard with a user-friendly radio remote control system, offering the operator an increased visibility in all working situations.
-The HMF 3000-K is a flexible loader, suitable for both hook application as well as hydraulic accessory application such as grab and rotator.
-The dual Power Plus link arm system gives very precise and regular boom movements in the entire working area and is particularly well suited for long reach and handling tall and bulky items.
-The 3000-K Series is equipped with a user-friendly speed control (the HDL system), which at the same time provides an increased lifting capacity. This system optimizes the operator’s ability to finely adjust the movements of the loader.
-Available as standard with HMF’s new totally integrated user-friendly RCL Safety System, which only intervenes when absolutely necessary.
-If you need a longer reach, the 3000-K can be equipped with a Fly-Jib. Combined with the radio remote control system, you will be able to carry out precision work even under difficult conditions.
-Whether the requirement is vertical lifting in high positions or lifting at long reach, the HMF 3000-K Series is the right loader. There are a wide range of product enhancing optional extras for this series, the loader is available with the following: stand-up control, top seat, winch, transport alarm and temperature monitoring.